There’re a lot of lists out there in Internet-land full of things you neeeeeed to do to start your business.

Well, this isn’t one of those.

This is a list that is going to reduce the amount of bs you’ve added in front of your biz launch.

This list is going to haemorrhage your to-do list of excuses and procrastinating items.

This list is the truth.

These are the THREE things that you just DO NOT NEED to start your first business:

1. You do NOT need to have ALL your envisioned products.

You really don’t need to have your full range of coconut body butters or all 15 courses that you want to launch don’t HAVE to all be ready right now. Not to begin.

In fact, you need much less than you think you do in order to begin. Howww much less, you say? Try ZERO!

You actually don’t even need your product to even exist to be able to sell it. You can build a following and sell the product without it even being made yet. You can even be upfront about it! You don’t have to lie! It’s called waiting list helllooooo!

People bought Harry Potter books before they were available to be sold, people have reserved their new Tesla cars, hell, people even reserve Beyoncรฉ tickets!

You can sell any product in advance of it actually being made.

So your excuse of needing to have the full line of goods before you can sell is bullshit. All you need is one. And even then, you may not even need that.

The only thing you NEED to have is a product that solves a problem. Once this solves a problem in your potential clients life, it will sell. Period.


2. You do NOT need a perfect website

Having a website in this era is crucial, but not as crucial as you think.

Sure, you need to have a way for people to know you exist. BUT, there’re many avenues to you getting your product and name out there faster on the slick and dirty route.

You could just set up a Facebook page for starters, and use that as your online presence.

You can be in physical stores, markets, clubs, OFFLINE basically.

You can write an article for huffpost and have a link straight to your product to buy.

You can create sites using square space.(I detest wix. If you must use a site builder to get you up and running fast and easy, please use square space!)

Or you can have a site with just one page! A sexy looking thing that tells people what you do and how to contact you until you get your site sorted out.

You don’t need to have the whole thing working right now.

HOWEVER, you cannot create a site that cheapens your brand!

If your current site looks like ass, be honest with yourself! If it looking like ass doesn’t affect your brand or sales, then perfect! Leave it there until you find time to update a bit more. But if your hairy ass website is for a potential luxury brand that you’re trying to start – shut that shit down NOW. It’s affecting your brand and not worth it. You don’t need the site that badly, and there’re many avenues for alternatives until you can sort it out the way you want to.

Focus on your business and keep it moving!

3. You do NOT need to have it all figured out.

If there’re 5 steps between you creating your product and the customer having product in hand, you only need to know how to do 1 step right now.

You do not need to know the intricacies of step 3, 4, & 5 if you’re still at step 1. You only need to know how to complete step one, and maybe how to begin to get to step 2.

Knowing would be nice, but it’s not necessary right now.

Right now you have only one issue at hand – and that is step 1.

Deal with that, and then move on.

The world will not end. You won’t seem unprofessional. In fact, you’d finally have just started taking action instead of being stuck at step one – so you’d be further ahead than most.

Just begin! Start!

You can figure it all out as you go along. You’d be surprised how many of your idols are still doing the same ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ˜˜

So, what are you waiting for? Start!


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Screw status quo. Have your cake AND eat it too.
Till next time guys



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great post! love it!

tara pittman

Love those videos. These are great tips to let people know about starting up.

Amy Jones

This post is so necessary for people out there who want to start their business!


This is a great post for me especially to the people who’s willing to start on their business

Amber Myers

I love your advice! And I so agree.

Teresa Kunberger

I completely agree. these are three things that you do not need!

Michelle Mink

I have been told to launch at 85% percent because there will always be an excuse for why you aren’t ready. I think a lot of the points you mentioned especially about not having a perfect website go hand in hand with that.

michelle mink

I have been told to launch at 85% because there will always be an excuse for why you aren’t ready. I think a lot of the points you mentioned especially about not having a perfect website go hand in hand with that.

Annemarie LeBlanc

Very good advice for those who are thinking of venturing into business. Whether you intend to sell physical goods or services, these tips are definitely going to help.

Kathy Kenny Ngo

I am planning to start up my own business soon. And I find this article really helpful to me. Will bookmark this.

aziel morte

What a good post to those who want to start an own business.


I love this! Everything can be improved upon and new things can always be created!

Elizabeth O.

I completely agree with you on these three things. Businesses aren’t something that you master in a day especially if you’ve just started.

Christina Aliperti

I love this! I am tired of hearing that I don’t have what I need to start. This gave me some inspiration!

Mary Barham

haha the videos made my day!! Thanks for sharing this… I keep thinking I need it all to be 100% perfect!


This is a great and interesting post! I know someone I know who procrastinate and will be sharing this with her.

Sarah Bailey

You definitely do not need to have it alllll together to start something. A vision is sometimes definitely enough.