Sometimes, this work can be really shit.

It’s true!

It’s not all fairy unicorns and mojitos on the beach. As glamorously beautiful as that sounds, it’s actually not the full story. There’s loads of no showering for 3 days and realising you haven’t actually spoken out-loud in over 48 hours.

Like all things in life, there’s a balance between what is seen, and what is unseen. There is the light and the dark matter.

Sometimes, this work is hard.

But you need to decide what you wish to focus on.

Because the hardness of this work will never ease off. As you master some skills and delegate others, new problems will arise requiring unique solutions.

This is what is going to happen regardless if you decide to start your own business or stay working in a company.

It’s life. And life actually stays interesting no matter your career decisions.

So you need to decide what kind of play you want in your life. Do you want the own your business play, or company ladder play, or some new game in the in-between.

‘Cus you get to decide it ALL.

The ball is, and will always remain, in your court – no matter what the scenario looks like.

So, what are you going to choose?


This is just a friendly reminder that you can always have your cake and eat it. Anyway. Anyhow.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Keep doing you.




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