Ahhh, Christmas.

Every marketers dream๐Ÿ’ญ๐Ÿ’ฐ๐Ÿ’ฐ

Every procrastinators secret nightmare.๐Ÿ’ญ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

It’s that time of the year when it’s acceptable to have 10 cups of hot chocolate a day, AND spend the night wondering which of all the amazing products you saw today you were gonna buy.

On credit.

To potentially help in the new year.

It’s such a sweet deal though.

I swear.

I mean, this price is NEVER going to be this low again.


Well, or maybe until next year.

But that’s not the point!

I need it!

It’ll solve my problems!

Look at their 15 minute demonstration! ๐Ÿ‘€

I’m just here to remind you super quickly that:

A. You’re starting to sound crazy

Listen shopaholic. Slow down, and let’s think for a second.

Everyone and their grandmother is making a special sale right now. This is an expected sale. Which means that prices are jacked up before hand (like months before) and then dropped down to the price they normally are at for most of the year.

Now now, before you shout that I’m a Christmas Killer, hear me out.


I’m not saying to not buy anything.

I’m saying to think about what is really going to help you, and then act.

Think about the things that would make yours and your family’s days easier.

Don’t think of this in terms of gifts you know of that you can buy, but in terms of actual problems that you experienced consistently throughout the year that probably have solutions.


When you start to focus on what specific problems you have, you can then turn your mind to what products will give you the perfect solutions.


So now, when you see the prices of something, it’s no longer a question of “Is this a good Christmas deal”, but rather “Is this a great deal for fixing this problem I’ve had WHOLE f*ckin year”

And the bonus?

You’d be less likely to be swayed by the “too good to be true” marketing, and therefore start the new year with a bit more ease because you’re not covered in useless presents, not in more debt, and you legitimately solved a problem in your life!


B. You’re probably hiding something


And by that I don’t mean your secret stash of snacks.

I mean you are trying to buy your way out of failure to succeed.


Yea, I said it.


The purchasing of many potential solutions to your supposedly numerous problems is a cover up.

Chances are you only have one problem.


You doubt yourself.


When you have an idea, and you’re all fired up with creative energy – things are brilliant! You make your check list and get to work. 3 discouraging comments and 1 bad pitch later – your energy is zapped and suddenly the focus and determination you had to find a way to make your project work is GONE. FOREVERRRR.


Resuscitating that is like trying to make a piece of fire wood turn back into a living tree again.


Days have ups and downs, projects have ups and downs, life has ups and downs. You shouldn’t expect your passion to stay at 100% all. The. Time.


All because you had a rubbish day / week, don’t let that mess flood your psyche into thinking that you can’t do it.


Don’t self sabotage yourself.


And don’t attempt to cover up the self sabotage with “I need more training!!”

There are situations where you need more training, yes. But far too frequently, that is the excuse you give yourself when you reached a block.

When you reached the limit to your comfort zone and are too frightened of shit hitting the fan and splattering everywhere.


Push yourself.

Relish in the uncertainty.

Genuinely do better than your best.

Fail at it.

Over and over and over.

Because with those mistakes, you would’ve grown and learnt so much.

Keep moving. Keep training too yes.

But don’t buy an excess of products all stated to fix your myriad of problems – when you know inside that you’re not even going to use it.

Be honest with yourself. Get what can help you, for real. And get the support you need to keep going on your path.

You can choose whether to feel scared or excited.

Choose the lighter side, and enjoy what your future has in store for you!

Make the last quarter of your 2016 a gorgeous one.


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Isaly Holland

You brought up some good points! Luckily im on a budget so i actually have a savings. lol But last year I was super excited for sales and deals. Its like I forgot that its always sales -_- great post!

Isaly Holland

Divine Mwimba

I think having a budget to shop should be a priority. I try to put aside $25 Bi weekly for the Holidays. Starting back up in January!