Frequently Asked Questions

The stuff you really, really wanted to know

Unanswered questions are the death of all awesome creative partnerships. Here at Have That Cake, we like answers, with a slice of cake and a hot chocolate. Below is the list of our most commonly asked questions from past clients. We’ve found that every smart business person has questions before they purchase a unique solution; and seeing as you are a pretty smart business person yourself, we figured we would save you some time and answer those questions right here. Right now.

You’re welcome!

Frankly, you don’t have the time NOT to use us. You’re a busy entrepreneur. Your to do list is dizzyingly long.

The time you would be spending diy-ing your own videos, you could instead be operating in your zone of genius and helping other people.

Let us take the load off of you.

We’re fast. To the point. And fully invested in making you look as awesome as you are – without the bs back and forth.

You tell your clients about self-care all the time. How would NOT having to make all those marketing and course videos make you feel?

Felt that release of tension? Yea.

It’s now your turn to take care for you. Let us take the work load and turn it into sunshine

Imagine your favourite movie.

You know how in the first minute of the movie, you KNOW who the lead star is, you know their struggle, AND you empathise with the journey they’re now about to embark on… and that’s all in one minute?!

In that minute, the filmmakers not only showed you why the star was unique, they also gave you reason to love them and to continue to watch the movie.

That is the power of a great story.

That power is what we’re going to use on you and your business.
We’re a team of film makers, story tellers, and artists. We know and understand the power of persuasive video.

That understanding is what we will use to get your perfect clients to fall in love with you, and understand your story, before they’ve even met you!

We can go into the hundreds of scientific case studies proving that people watch and feel more emotionally linked to content shown through video than through text.


We can binge watch Jane The Virgin on Netflix, since we’ve already answered this question.

That’s fine, just bookmark us in your “Awesome Businesses To Use In The Future” list.

When you’re ready to have a video that makes potential clients scream “TAKE MY MONEYYYYY”, you know exactly where to find us.

That’s brilliant that you know it already! Hey, if you’re running a business, I’m sure you would have that information right?

Think of us as your double opt-in. You’ve opted-in initially to your USP decision. We go out and have a look around objectively, and come back with what we think your USP is. If it’s the same as yours – you’ve got a double opt-in. Everyone coming into your list and interacting with your company really knows why you’re unique and the perfect match for them.

If our USP choice is different to yours – it’s nothing tragic! In fact, it means you have loads of options for people to love you.

A great problem to have – especially with our experience in finding people’s “swoon for you” zones. When you work with us, that great “What’s my USP” problem would only last for 30 minutes.

Problem and solution off of your to-do list in one smooth motion *judo chop!*

We hear ya! You’re right. You do need clients.
You need people through the proverbial door.

You also need to feel fulfilled.

You need not just any old client – you need the right client.
You need someone who takes action.
You need a client who really vibes with you.
You need a client you can be honest with, and they not become offended or defensive without reason.
A client that is truly ready to do the work that is required.

And that client needs you.

How can they find you though, if the only way they can get a sense of how you can help them is by wading through so much text it might as well be their university thesis?

That’s why you need video.

Not to get clients. But to get the right clients.

We love challenges!

If you think that your business is a bit too complicated to be expressed in 30 – 60 seconds, chances are you’re losing more clients than you even realise.

What we’ve found (and scientists have shown) is that human beings are generally lazy creatures. We love to group complex situations, systems, people, everything into simple boxes. Simplification is the name of the game.

So, if you don’t have a way to explain, in an impactful way, how you can help someone in under 60 seconds – you’re losing!

Losing to what?

Losing to the real competition. Their focused attention.

They will phase out of your conversation and into their own mental chatter so quickly that by the time you utter “discovery session”, they’re wondering if you’re going on an expedition to the Artic.

You need a way to convey the facts of your business with enough emotional impact to have them go “hmmmmmm”. All in under 60 s.

So, if you think that it’s impossible to have that done to your business – please let us know!

We love challenges!

Your competition could be coca-cola and you can STILL make them irrelevant.

The way you change the competition structure is by changing the game altogether.

You want to make your competition irrelevant? You make it seem as if you’re the only option.

I’m not talking about in a scarcity manner – I mean you position yourself perfectly so that you really become the PERFECT solution to their EXACT problem.

When everyone else looks generic and you look like the Specialist to their exact problem, that’s when your competition (no matter how large) becomes irrelevant.

And lucky for you, that’s what we excel at.

The benefit of a super crowded industry is that there would be a whole lot of people that are only 2ยฐ different from each other.

A whole bunch of people operating at 60ยฐ

Human beings are inherently lazy creatures. When your prospect looks at alllll of these options that are only 2ยฐ different from each other, they will morph into one face. One face.

They’ll pick anyone out of that bag cause it won’t matter. They’re all saying the same thing right?

Guess what happens when they see someone at 135ยฐ?

That person looks so different. They can’t be with the crew at 60ยฐ.

I want to know more about this specific option, because it’s so different.

When something looks out of the ordinary, curiosity has struck and your prospect will HAVEEEE to find out more about you purely to soothe instinct!

That is good for you.

The more time they spend getting to know you and your business, they’re more likely to see if you are perfect for each other.

If it looks like you are, guess what? Everyone else is now irrelevant.

They are 60ยฐ. You are 135ยฐ.

Apples and oranges.

That video that we create for you turns you into 135ยฐ and leaves everyone else at 60ยฐ.

This isn’t the kind of video that you need to physically be recorded into.

You can appear in it as a photo, or an illustrated version of yourself. However, there’s no need for you to record yourself speaking, dancing or otherwise.

Have That Cake. Or continue the diet.

Either choice wouldn’t stop your marketing efforts – the video will continue on!

Everybody’s industry has its quirks and regulations.

However, all industries are made up of businesses – and all businesses follow the standard principles of marketing.

Here’s where we come in.

Because we’re not entrenched in your industry, we can give your video a fresh perspective that would make you stand out amongst your competition.

You know that old adage – can’t see the forest for the trees.

You definitely need to budget and decide what is worth spending your marketing dollars on.

The good thing about creating videos in this way is that you don’t have to do them!

Nothing is on your to do list, there is nothing you need to follow through on, and so you still have loads of time to operate in your zone of genius.

I get ya. It’s going to be SO energy draining to do the video IF you had to be in it.

Lucky for you, you don’t!

You may normally be horrible or boring on video, but since this video is perfectly crafted by expert hands – the illustrated version of you won’t be horrible or boring.

In fact, we know that you are not horrible or boring around people you’re comfortable around – and that version of you is the one that will be expressed.

Remember though, you don’t even have to appear in the video! It can be anything.

The video is about what would solve your potential clients problems the most. Your visual presence may not be needed for most of the video to express that.

Whichever storyline we decide to take with the video, you being introverted or not will not affect your performance in the video because you physically won’t be in it.

No energy draining here.

Forever? Nah.

Our standard timeline from first chat to video handover is 3 weeks.

In a rush?

You can get it in 1 week. This costs only 30% extra and all you have to do is email us saying you want a rush video.

Once we have available rush order slots, you’ll have your marketing video in 1 week with enough extra time to focus on your challenge.

Not for your ideal client.

This will be one of those videos that stop them in their tracks and have them needing to find out more.

That’s why we would know what makes you unique.


We don’t know you, and you will be introducing your business and how you help people to us as a first time.

We would be able to wade through what you’ve told us, your web presence and what we see you doing, and see what really makes you unique in your industry.

It’s not supposed to show your full impact.

Your video is created to have your perfect client intrigued about you enough to contact you directly via whatever channel you told them to.

It’s like the perfect introduction.


Are you and ideal client going to run away together into the sunset? This video will set the stage for that perfect moment to happen.

Easy! Just let us know, and we’ll sort it.

Your video can actually be up to 5 minutes long.

Creating a course and need more than just one explainer video? In fact, you need more than 5 videos as you’re having mini explainers for each module?

That’s not a problem for you or us.

Just go to Contact Us and get in touch with your exact requirements. We have a super sweet volume discount with payment plans that would be perfect for you.

You know exactly who you are and what you stand for.

We’re not trying to tell you who you are. How could we?

What we are doing is finding the avenue that will give you the greatest impact with your perfect client.

That’s it.

We’re not going to change you. We’re not going to make suggestions on what to change in your image.

What we will do is let you know which way you can have the biggest impact in the shortest amount of time – 30 seconds.

Your perfect client wants to know where you’re hiding.

They can’t find you easily because it appears that there’s a lot of people doing similar things to you.

That client then gets tired of looking because she needs her problem solved urgently, so she gets the next best thing.

Which isn’t you.

Don’t want that situation to occur?

Simple. Flaunt your uniqueness.

You will be like a beacon in the darkness of the sea of sameness.

That perfect client will find you easily once you’ve done that. Lucky for you, that is our specialty.

You don’t want every and anybody watching your videos.

You want your perfect client to watch your video.

When every and anybody is looking, you get 30% views and a mehhhh response .

When that perfect client watches, you get 100% views and their contact details as a response.

It’s time to switch up your current video to something your perfect client can’t resist.

Contact us to start your project.