Stop bullshitting yourself.

It’s late and you’re procrastinating.



Yea I said it. Someone’s gotta say it to you. You’re doing it to yourself!

Stop bullshitting yourself.

It’s late, and you’re not doing shit but scrolling around the internet letting your mind absorb a range of useless to potentially useful things THAT WEREN’T PART OF THE PLAN ANYWAY!

Remember that dream? That goal?

Remember the feeling you got when you saw someone else living their dream and you knew you wanted the same for yourself. AND you knew you could do it.

Are you seeing yourself now.., spending your time scrolling?

Now, don’t get me wrong.

This is not a bashing “get back to work you lazy slob” kind of post.

I actually think there is nothing wrong with “procrastination”. By that, I mean that I think everything has a gestation period. And when you try to force your own false timeline on gestation periods, sometimes, you get these evenings where you’re just spaced out scrolling.

I believe what you should do is embrace the time and go to sleep, or do something new. Shake your schedule up a bit. Introduce new stimuli into your life. It’ll bring some freshness into your day that would no doubt get your creative juices back flowing.

However, sitting in your underwear for an accidental 8 hours on a Netflix binge that started as a planned 30 min break…


Remember what your vision is. Instead of lightly moping around, day dream about what you want. Anything that you want! If you’re going to veg out, at least let it excite you! Sometimes you do need a break from the hustle.

Sometimes you need a break to remember that it’s not actually a hustle, it’s your LIFE – And you could do whatever the hell you please with it.

This is your life.

You should remember that you don’t need to make excuses for your behaviour to yourself. If you need a break – take a break. And enjoy every minute of that break. Then get back to the journey to your vision.

It’s as simple as that.

If you notice that you keep needing veg out time, then maybe you just need to sit with yourself and really find out what you’re afraid of. Because you must be terrified of something / or knowing that you shouldn’t take a step forward if you keep not acting on your vision.

Limiting beliefs are a real thing and that shit could f-*ck you up!

But no excuses! You don’t need excuses.

You’re the driver. You’re in control. You don’t need to get anyone’s approval to do you.

So do you, love 😘


Reading this message at 3 am because you’re still scrolling looking for answers to unspoken questions?

Let me know if you got any revelations in the comments!

Know someone who needs to hear this message : share it with em! They’ll thank you for it ❀️

Screw status quo. Have your cake AND eat it too.
Till next time guys



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