Do you enjoy it? Struggling I mean. Do you enjoy it?

I ask because you seem to absolutely flippin’ love that shit! Why else would you be repeating the same old mess that’s keeping you broke?

It must be that you love the struggle.

Wasn’t I just stupidly annoying? I mean, who loves the struggle? Only people who lie to themselves say that. They colour the lens of their struggle differently so that they can even look back on it – and even after that, they don’t love that mess. It’s seen as progress, even necessary upskilling. But to love it? Nah.

So why do you keep repeating patterns that are systematically killing you and your dreams?

Face it.

It’s time to stop spritzing Poopouri over your shitty habits and fix this for good!

I know you have plans… BIG plans. I know there is a level of success you want for yourself.

But I also know that if you continue doing these three things, you’re basically shooting yourself in the kneecap in the middle of a marathon.

Not only not a good idea, but actually, just fucking stupid.

Stop it.


“I tried to call them, but they’re just never answering their phones”
“I asked her about stocking my product and she said great! But she didn’t answer my email after that”
“Anytime I call they say they’re pretty busy”
“I think he must be on sabbatical”
“She is a BIG DEAL and WAY in demand! She’s never going to even see the email ill send”

Be honest with yourself – did you really try?

And oooo “I called like 15 times all on the same day at the same time right after each other because it helped make me feel like shit and realise I probably shouldn’t be doing this anywayyyy” oh sorry, I seem to have digressed into your actual internal dialogue.

Face it, you’re scared for some reason. You do not want to do this thing that is actually going to help your business.

Realise you’re making excuses and DO THE WORK.

ORRR, realise that maybe your plan was not a good idea and then change it up! But don’t make a plan and not give your all. You’re self sabotaging yourself.

Your life and your dreams deserve so much more than half assed attempts.

You’re doing this for you. You don’t need to create an elaborate excuse.

Honour yourself. Honour your dream.

Give it your all – even when you’re still learning how.


Ever witnessed this conversation:

D “I just need some fresh ideas to keep it moving, you know?”
A “Yea, I totally get it! Why don’t we brain storm some potential avenues now?”
D “Great idea!! Let’s think…”
A “What about this – X”
D “Nah, too simple”
A ” yea… What about Y”
D “Def no, that would never work here lol”
A “Hmm… What about Z?”
D “No, too complicated”
A ” what about combining Z with X?”
D ” Nah! That’ll never work”
A “Maybe F?”
D “Too smooth”
A ” Then maybe S?”
D “no, just not a good fit.. Urgh, this is just impossible! None of these ideas are good. It’s just never goin to work”

Of course you’ve seen this before. You’re a creative! We’ve ALL witnessed or been apart of a conversation like that. Debbi Downer. Debbi Downer the psycho killer of ideas.

It’s sooooo easy to become Debbie when it’s your project as well.

Now don’t flare up on me! I can hear your protesting thoughts already! “Well they just don’t know my field” “It’s different where I work!””You can’t just DO those things” “That just doesn’t apply!” “You just don’t get it”


Yea Debbie.

Get back in your psycho cage.

Realise this – we all have psycho idea killer Debbie in all of us.

The difference between people who are DOING SHIT and those who are just thinking about it, is that Debbie is kept in a box where she can chat, but not command.

You see, having Debbie partake in your mental discussion over a new route option is a great idea! Her questions can help bring great ideas forth. The problem lies when you let Debbie go out of control and put you into a stupid fear box where you think all other ideas are “dirty immigrants trying to steal your food and land” and you want to build a great big wall to keep those pesky ideas out.

Yea, you sound like that when you let Debbie speak for you. You sound just plain stupid. And now you’re stuck with limited light because you put all these walls up.

Stop it.

Keep an open mind to suggestions. You don’t have to agree with them all, or any at all, but keeping an open mind to the suggestions makes all of the difference.



Listen. There is nothing wrong with upskilling. In fact, it’s something that’s necessary. BUT, do not confuse upskilling with doubting yourself so much that you believe you need X skill to begin.

You need to ask yourself, what do I really need to start X project/ hobby/ event

You’d find that you actually have most, if not all, of the skills required to just begin.

So just start.

Just bloody start already.

Notice when you keep deferring an outcome / goal / event / task.

Call bullshit on yourself.

It’s only you who can stop yourself here, because it’s just you with your stupid mental chatter holding you back.


Stop fearing of looking stupid and just begin.

We all start at some form of a bottom and work our way up as we upskill.

But no matter how much training you do, nothing would train you better than just taking action.

This habit in particular is keeping a lot of you broke, stop that shit!


If you know someone who needs this article : send it over! Be that awesome friend 😘
Or do you have a habit that you recognise is keeping your ass broke? Stop that shit! And also, let us know what it is in the comments. Maybe you can help call out some others on their bs 😘😘

Screw status quo. Have your cake AND eat it too.
Till next time guys



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Hah! I’m totally guilty with SOS. I know I have to focus but when a promising new idea pops up in my mind, I completely fell off track. Need to work on this. πŸ™‚

Paula Stewart

I must confess that I would be found guilty as charged. You’d think that at 50 I would have figured it out by now.


Loved it! This is so true. I got myself stuck in few X and Y.

Marielle Altenor

Argh! It feels weird reading this because…I’m guilty of all 3!! The worst one is they shiny object syndrome!

Sumit Surai

Good positive post. I hate these points (and some more too) which make us so negative minded. It is hard to follow, but atleast we should give everything a try positively.


I love this post. You spoke honest and real! I am so sharing this!

Agnes Dela Cruz

We are all sometimes guilty of doing things that will make us broke. We need to focus and be consistent with all our actions. I am glad I bumped into this and remind myself of things I need to avoid.


I have the shiny syndrome of bouncing around with new ideas. Though I know the best ideas stick around and are not fleeting. Thank you so much for this great read.

Tam Gamble

Hands up I am guilty of all three but I am trying to get better. The one I now need to work on is number 3!

Cynthia Williamston

This weekend I heard someone say, show up ready to succeed instead of afraid to fail. This article is just a confirmation of all the encouragement i have been receiving these past few days.


Straight talk can def. be motivating. πŸ™‚ I’ve been doing a lot of things lately and need to slow down, so I’m having that problem. Too much stuff means more gas, more time and more money.

Elizabeth O.

We’re all guilty of this, the real challenge is getting yourself out of the rut! Discipline is definitely a must and so is determination and confidence!