You’re pissed off. You’re tired. You’re fed up.

Shit is just NOT working as it should right now.

It’s just a moment, yes. It’s just for today, sure. You know it would be better in the future, duh.

But FUCK THE FUTURE. Right now, you’re PISSED.

And the last thing you need is a forced fucking meditation to running water where you ohmmmmfuckinohmmmmm



No namaste.

No, my soul isn’t seeing shit right now but red.

And that is fucking OK.

IT OK!!!!

It’s ok to be mad! It’s ok to be a scotch bonnet pepper roasted on a rasta mans jerk ass.

Be mad!


Feel the emotion. Don’t judge.

And then move the fuck on.

Don’t feel like you have to be this placid fuckin lake 24/7.

Life is not about that shit.

You’re not a fuckin Stepford wife.

Feel your emotions, and then keep on goin with your day!

If a friend comes in your face after you’ve expressed your agitation, and then they tell you to calm your soul because of some yoga new age bullshit that you can’t deal with right now, tell em to “Unpolitely, FUCK OFF. I’ll talk to you when I’m in a different mood”.

Then hang up! Walk away! Move on! Scream! Drum! Burn the energy!

But move on after it all.

If you feel that you MUST meditate through a state of “shit hiteth the fan”, then I recommend you watch this badass meditation.

It would help, for sure 😘


Raving mad and ready to shout fuck off to the world? Go take a breather! Bookmark this article. Or rant below if it would help you move on.
Know a friend that just needed someone to be like, “it’s ok that you’re mad honey”: Send them this article!

Screw status quo. Have your cake AND eat it too.
Till next time guys



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13 Comments on "When you’re tired of saying Namaste πŸ˜‡πŸ™πŸΎ & want to say Fuck Off 😑😀"

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Oh yeah, no more of that fake Namaste BS, I tell it like it really is. No sugar coating, no PHONY bis-niss!

Christine Tatum

Thanks for the laugh today! I need to send this to my cousin. She feels the same way.

Christina Aliperti

I can’t love this post enough! I don’t go for any of the BS anymore. It is what it is and if someone doesn’t like it they can fuck off!!

Melanie Smith

You are so right! No Namaste, no sorry about it, noo! Just Fuck off!! Hahaha. Great post!

Elizabeth O.

That’s one of the things that people tend to forget after they get mad. They should learn how to move on and let go. It’s better to go on with your life with positivity than to dwell on things like this!

Jojo Vito

Lol, I don’t know what to say. I would just simply say again ,Namaste!


aaah not sure what to sya here lol namaste?

Amy Jones

I get this feeling all the time as well! I loved this post it was hilarious

Ana De- Jesus

YAAAAS! I often get shamed for being in touch with emotions but its healthy, if you get angry don’t hide it as it will make things worse!

Enricoh Alfonzo

hahahahah! hilariously awesome post and so very honest, i love it. brilliant insight shared

Kathy Kenny Ngo

Sometimes there’s a point in my life that I don’t even care to everybody. I guess it’s normal to just leave the world for a moment.


Haha, I love this! I needed this today, too. I needed to remember to get mad and just get over it