So here I am sipping my drink.

A gorgeous, thick, fruit punch in case you were thinking “oooo what’s she drinking”. The pineapple and paw paw was freshly cut and in season, mmmmmmm.


So here I am, sipping my delectably delicious fruit punch, while hearing this buzzzz in my ear.

Was it a bee? No. It was a old school friend trying their damnedest best to convince me of how busy they are.

I’ve realised that Busyness rides high on most people’s list of achievements.

And although your goal was originally to live a less busy life filled with vacations and the such, you feel almost terrible telling someone, (who’s clearly clocking in their hours), that all you did today was this one thing – drinking a fruit punch while chilling with a good friend on the beach…

Why? Because they will then try to one up you with “well, today I did 15 things and saved a dying horse”


Why are you so enamoured with being busy?

When did busyness become the “thing” that you need to prove your worthiness?

How many things are there in your life that you made harder for yourself to do because being busy is better than being still?

When did enjoying your day even when not on vacation become less important than looking busy?

Isn’t it interesting how bus-I-ness (busyness) and business are basically spelt the same way? Because apparently, even the language creators had the expectation that to be doing something as epic as owning or operating a business, your ass goin to be busy. Right?


You may have many things on your to do list, but the way you handle business and life is a state of mind. And “busyness” is a state that you do not have to inhabit.

Now I know that some of you thrive of off busyness and general hustle and bustle – and that is flipping awesome! But for the others who are just saying that they’re super busy too as a way to basically “keep up with the Joneses”, stop that shit now.

I’m calling you out on it.

Since when did being busy trump the quality of your life?

Since when did the need for this random woman or man, or family member, or judgemental geandparent , since when did their perception of your life actually TRUMP the way you live your life in actuality!

Since when did celebrating how amazing your life is becoming turn into something you must hide and lie about?

Ask yourself these hard questions, and give yourself the honest answers.

You deserve this. You deserve everything that you’ve decided you wanted to have. And you don’t have to have a hard shitty slog in order to deserve every ounce of success you’ve attained.

Don’t allow other people’s perceptions of success warp your own.


Know a friend who’s letting business affect her life? Share this with her now!
Realised you’ve been allowing yourself to get busy because that’s how you’re “supposed” to be since you’re successful? Fake it till you make it right? *Snort*

Tell me in the comments below if you ever caught yourself doing this!




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Jaycie Sullivan

I couldn’t agree with you more on this topic. Anyone who says they are TOO BUSY is clearly not prioritizing. Granted, I don’t have children, but I work 40 hours a week, make time to fit in friends/my social life as well as my fitness routine, cleaning and cooking and maintaining my relationship with my boyfriend and the two animals in our house. you make time for what is important to you.

This is a great article! People really do try to prove how successful they, or their day, are by how busy they were. Personally I like to gloat about how not busy I am at times. I still work a 40 hour work week and when I take off for vacation, everyone tells me… “You sure do take a lot of vacation”. Since when did taking vacation become such a negative thing? I don’t go to work everyday because working is at the top of my priority list. I go to work everyday to provide a better life for me… Read more »
Yenory Pouncil

I couldn’t agree more. Some people are really busy, but others just like pretending. The reality is that noone is that damn busy. You can make time for the things that are important to you. We all got shyt going on. But guess what, nothing is that deep. Well said!

Nicole Parise

Great post! It is important to enjoy the little things.
xx nicole


I totally agree with you. I think that all the time. Why does it have to be a competition to be the busiest person when discussing your day? Live your damn life how you please and if you don’t like it then change it. Don’t just say you’re busy when in fact you weren’t. Loved this post it was a great read!


YEs, this! We tell our kids often that people make time for what is important to them. Sometimes, people choose to be busy and run around like crazy. Choosing otherwise shouldn’t be viewed as less.


Love this post! Totally agreed with you! I always thought people telling me they were too busy to do something is the worst excuse. :p

Chloe //

Beth | Adventuring the Great Wide Somewhere

Oh my goodness, this drives me crazy as well! Being soooo busy all the time has become some kind of indicator of success. I understand how this all started. People work, volunteer, blog, etc. and after a while it becomes some point of pride. To me, it’s just like how people seek to appear a certain way on social media. People want to appear popular and sought after, and for many, the busyness goes hand in hand with that. Meanwhile I’m trying to work smarter, not harder, so I can actually be happy for myself, and not for others.


I’ve had close friends and a few family members succumb to the notion that being successful means being too busy for others. It’s infuriating! To me they don’t mean the same thing, in fact I would venture as to say I’m more successful based solely on the fact that I seem to be enjoying my life more than they are. Being “too busy” doesn’t look good on anyone.

Also I literally laughed out loud at “Because they will then try to one up you with β€œwell, today I did 15 things and saved a dying horse”.

Aleks F.
So, I just read this again and with great pleasure. It’s definitely something that only gets better the more times you read it. I laughed out loud at a few moments and then had some real “mmhmm I feel that” moments as well. I encountered a similar experience the other day with someone and it brought on this exact train of thought. It led to a discussion with my husband about this very issue, but I loved your take on it! I love your writing style and it feels like reading a conversation with a best friend. Keep up the… Read more »