So you made it!

Yea, you maybe not at the tooooop of this totem pole yet, but you’re definitely on the ladder.

You’re smart. πŸ€“


You haveΒ had dreams (when was the last time you updated those dreams lol πŸ˜‚)

Hell, you’re a go getter!
When you decide to do something, it doesn’t matter what’s blocking you, or how many tear downs you get – it’s getting done βœ…


So why do you feel this shit?


You know this job looks great.

You know everyone’s proud of you.

You worked your ass off to get here.

You know you should feel important and honoured.

You know that loads of people want to be in your position.


is HERE where u really want to be?


How did u even get here???

I mean, we know how, but HOWWW did you get HERE? How did you, Ms “I Know What I Wanna Be When I Grow up” end up here? I know, we all grow up and our tastes change, but gees. It’s such odd behaviour for you…

But is it really?

Was your career path really your decision?

Or was this something that you had to pick out of a slim bunch of career options for your capabilities?

Did your intelligence level sweep you down a path that you didn’t really want to be on?


Did you start down a path too early? Before you even really knew who you were or what you wanted out of life, you kinda just decided a career and went for it.

Is this what you really want? Is this it? #CrisisWithNoMeltdown

I mean it’s nice and everything. The job I mean. It’s “going places”. Stable. Earning good. You have your work friends. Your wine and Netflix on evenings. Everything is nice. Set. Ok. As safe as you can get in this environment I’m sure… but.

There’s always that “but”.


And that’s why you’re questioning.


Because the fact that you’re reading this means that something’s changed. And you’re ready to admit it to at least yourself.

Because you don’t have to lie to yourself.

You might lie to your family, your loved ones, your lover, your partner, your bestie, your coworkers, your friends, your furry friends, the doorman – hell, everybody. But you can’t lie to yourself any longer. A decision must be made.

You just don’t have that passion for that end goal anymore.

When you look down the road, 10, 20, 30 years… it’s an older, more tired, and boring version of you. Doing the same shit. And it doesn’t excite you.

In fact, you’re scared.


Now, this is not a “quit your job and fly to Central America” post. This is a “recognise NOW that something is not fulfilling you, and deal with it” kinda post.

Not all options result in you dropping everything and going completely left. Adulting is about knowing that there’s always more than 3 options to life. Hell, there’s infinite options and avenues for you to take here.


Just know that what you’re feeling isn’t wrong. You shouldn’t feel ashamed or embarrassed. You’re not letting anyone down, aaaaand it doesn’t mean you’re having a catastrophic meltdown.


It just means that you’re a thinking adult who’s carefully considering her own wellbeing when looking at her future. And becoming a miserable, bitter, old jobsworth is not in your life plan!

So take some time, try some new things, change up the routine, dive into something out of your comfort zone, challenge yourself – and see if this changes things!


Sometimes, all you need is a re-envisioning of your life.

A new or renewed purpose that you’re heading to, that reaches beyond you. You may have had it all along, but you let life’s petty bs cloud your vision for yourself. Stop that shit.

Or sometimes, you actually need to switch it all the way up and step into a completely new direction.

Whatever the path that emerges from your chosen option, remember one thing:

Be kind to yourself.

At the end of the day, life is all about experiences. And the only person you experience all of your life with at all times is yourself. So be a best friend to yourself.

Be kind to yourself during this time of rediscovery.

So, as sexy as this post could sound with me saying SCREW IT, this is about some real shit. You are real. I am real. Dreams are real. Bills are real.


You know what your next step is. And if that’s just pausing and mulling over your future for a lil bit, then so be it.

Just remember to be kind to you.


I’m excited to see and hear about all the changes that will come your way, keep me in the loop at the comments below or email me!

If you know someone who also needed to hear this, be a good friend and pass it on!

Sending you loads of boob crushing hugs πŸ€—



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Haha, I loved this πŸ˜€
Very funny πŸ˜€
I quit my job to follow my dreams and it’s worked out amazing! You can do it people!!!


I have been there. Finally, I decided to listen to that loud inner voice “this is not I want to do” and quit my job in search of my true purpose.. loved the post



Thank you for this inspiration and with such a healthy humour! I believe that it is indeed fear that holds us away from the best and most important decisions in our lives πŸ™‚

Yuliya Oleynykova

I love all these funny gifs to go with your post, so entertaining!

Joleene Moody

Haha! This is great. Truthful with an edge of wit. I’ve shared this…I think it’s important. Why? Because I left a job in television news to pursue what I love. Never been happier. Thank you!


wasnt expecting these but gifs are the best haha

Molly Clifton

I think it’s so important to follow your dreams no matter what stage of life you are in! Keep doing what you love and never stop working for what you want πŸ™‚

Keep smiling!
Molly |